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Firstly, if you're new to SkinFood, congratulations on taking the first steps towards clearer skin and better health. If you're already a SkinFoodie and you've returned to learn more, thank you for your commitment to your own health and to supporting small business and young Aussie dreams. 

Passionate Skin Care was first dreamt up back in 2013 after huge success with friends and family who had tried our, then made in the kitchen and now known as, Original SkinFood. After such great results with family and friend's eczema, acne, scars and dry skin issues we decided it was time to share these results with the world. Four years on and we are still hearing incredible feedback from SkinFoodies who have chosen SkinFood to nourish their skin and help with acne, eczema, scars, stretchmarks and other minor skin conditions (see some feedback here).


Above all we value HEALTH and believe that:

Healthy Lifestyle + SkinFood = Great Skin

It is these values and beliefs that drive our commitment to not only creating 100% natural skin care THAT WORKS but also educating our community to better understand why they might be experiencing skin issues and what they can do to rectify the issue internally (visit our journal to learn more about health and skin).

This is why when you visit our online store you'll find much more than just SkinFood. You'll also find our favourite things - products and formulas which we have research, trialled and tested and recommend for skin health, gut health and overall health.


When we say 100% natural WE MEAN IT. Unlike other "pseudo-natural" skin care companies who hide nasty or unnecessary ingredients behind difficult to understand words, if it's not an effective and truly natural raw ingredient, it's not going into SkinFood.

Four years later and SkinFood is STILL hand made and hand poured in small batches by Jarrod (founder). Each raw ingredient is meticulously researched and we are always searching for new, innovative technology and ingredients. The secret to SkinFood is simply this - each raw ingredient we choose features its own therapeutic benefits, however when we combine them together in the correct ratios the ingredients work together symbiotically to achieve a far greater result.


- Contact us here. We are more than happy to answer any SkinFood, skin or health questions you may have.

- Check out our FAQ page here, we may have already answered your question.

- If you want to know which SkinFood is best for you and your skin type, check out our journal entry here.

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