THIS WILL WAKE YOU UP AND GET YOU GOING!! If you want to take the next step up from straight Apple Cider Vinegar then give this a go.


Australian Harvest has combined the organic herbs, horseradish and garlic with Bio-Grape GSE (grape seed extract), bio-curcumin 95% (Turmeric Extract) and Bio-Cayenne (Cayenne Pepper). WOWZA!! The combination of these delicious herbs made into a delicious spicy herb vinegar helps to keep you healthy! Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar (with mother - the good stuff), acts as a natural solvent drawing the delicious flavours and health benefits from the herbs.


Why we LOVE this product?

It kicks you right where you need it! One shot and your eyes will water but you will feel ready to tackle the day!

- good for your gut.. kick starting your digestive system and metabolism into action.

- anti-inflammatory especially for the gut and mucus membrane.

- great for cold + flu relief and prevention.

- excellent results with weight loss (HEAPS of feedback on this point).

- Helps you breathe better and reduces they symptoms of hay fever (itchy red eyes, itchy throat, running nose, all the fun stuff).


Excellent as a shot first thing in the morning (feel free to dilute if too strong) OR it can be used as a delicious base to a salad dressing. Check the directions tab to learn more.

AUS HARVEST Organic Horseradish Vinegar

  • Contains:

    Organic RAW Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Horseradish, Organic Bio-Curcumin 95% (Turmeric Extract), Organic Garlic, Organic Bio-Cayenne (Cayenne Pepper), Bio Grape (Grape seed ectract).


  • For general maintenance we recommend 5mls as a shot every morning after a glass of water (or even better - after lemon water)


    To ward off a cold or flu or assist with digestive issues you may want to do an extra dose at night or even through the day too.


    The directions given on the bottle are:

    Take 5-10mls 2-3 times a day as a healthy tonic.

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