Bio-available, Totally Natural and Organic Wholefood Vitamin C sourced from wild berries and greens.


Wild foods are naturally higher in nutrient content than farmed hybrids due to the conditions in which they grow. All ingredients included in Wild C are high in NATURAL vitamin C.


Each serving size of 1 teaspoon contains 228mg of totally natural vitamin C which is approximately 5 times the recommended daily intake (RDI). Studies show that consuming 37mg of natural vitamin C is the equivalent of consuming 1000mg of isolated vitamin C. That means 1 serve of Wild C will be the equivalent of consuming over 6000mg of isolated vitamin C (isolated vitamin C is what you get in your generic vitamin C supplements).


Wild C's acerola concentrate is unlike anything Australia has seen. A rich, deep orange colour and silky smooth, not gritty or grainy. Fresh raw certified organic acerola berries are soaked in water, then the remaining water is simmered down to a syrup. That syrup is then dehydrated at low temperature and powdered. This process maximises the vitamin C content and Brix degree while preserving the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals of the fruit.


Parsley and coriander are added to alkalise this vitamin C superfood formula. A lot of people use vitamin C during detoxification, especially heavy metals. Coriander is known to draw heavy metals out of the blood stream. Both parsley and coriander give this formula a grounding feel and taste. They are both also naturally high in vitamin C but also help to buffer the product.

EDEN HEALTH FOODS Wild C 150g (50 servings)

  • Vitamin C Blend 1.4g

    Acerola Cherry Powder 30%*, Pure Cau Camu*, Rosehips, Gubinge (Kakadu Plum)**

    Antioxidant Blend 1.3g

    Goji Berry Powder*, Acai Berry*, Maqui Berry*

    Alkalising pH buffer blend 0.25g

    Coriander Leaf*, Parsley*


    *Certified organic **Wildcrafted 

  • 1 heaped teaspoon mixed with fresh juice or smoothie or glass of purified water. 1-3 times per day.


    Try our MORNING ELIXR:

    1tbs ACV

    1/2 juice of lemon

    1tsp Eden Health Wild C

    300ml Purified Water


    Simply mix all the above ingredients into a glass and enjoy first thing in the morning. 


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