As a HUGE THANK YOU to our wonderful SkinFoodies we have made our 1ltr practitioner size jars available for the first time ever to the general public.

**We will supply you with an empty 100ml jar and recommend that you transfer SkinFood from the 1ltr to the 100ml jar for every day use. 

***We recommend use within 6 months after opening.


About Original SkinFood


Original SkinFood combines a selection of natures most healing plants with the addition of ethically sourced bees wax, to produce a skin care balm ideal for use as an every day face and body moisturiser.


Original SkinFood will deeply hydrate your skin while naturally balancing sebum, resulting in skin that looks and feels plump, smooth and soft with a more even skin tone and reduced scars and markings. 

BULK Original SkinFood 1lt

AU$349.50 Regular Price
AU$239.50Sale Price
  • Coconut Oil**, Hemp Seed Oil**, Beeswax*, Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil** Manuka Oil (1%)
    * Certified Organic

    ** Certified Organic & Cold Pressed