Enhances waste elimination to promote healthy, luminous skin.


The grounding and earthy flavours of fennel, rosehip and cinnamon dance beautifully with the skin-detoxifying herbs of cleavers, red clover (dry skin), burdock root and yellow dock. Facilitating waste elimination and preventing further build-up of toxins, these herbs are chosen specifically to aid in the removal of metabolic waste from the liver, kidneys and skin to improve overall complexion.


There are plenty of skin detox teas on the market but we swear by this naturopathic blend simply because it understands and treats the skin as the detoxing organ that it is. It does this through also cleansing the other detoxing organs: your liver and kidneys. We believe that no skin detox is complete without additional hebs which support the liver, kidneys and gut.

THE FITZROY NATUROPATH Skin Radiance Tea (45 serves)

  • Cleavers, Red Clover, Burdock Root, Yellow Dock, Fennel, Rosehip, Cinnamon.

    All ingredients are Certified Organic

  • Add 1tsp to an infuser/strainer and steep in 1 cup of just below boiling water for 4 minutes.


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