This bundle is for the ultimate SkinFoodie. You'll be covered from head to toe. How?


Face - 2-3 drops of SkinFood Serum both day and night.

Body - Apply Original SkinFood all over!! A little goes a long way! For example: A pea size should do your entire arm. Allow 3-4 minutes to absorb.

Problem Skin - Apply Vegan SkinFood to any very dry or problem skin (like eczema, dry heals, winter skin, scars, stretch marks).

Overnight Hit of Hydration - Apply a small amount of Vegan SkinFood to your face after cleansing at night. We recommend doing this 1-2 times per week if you have particularly dry skin or after too much sun exposure.

Hair - Go for it!! Original SkinFood is great as a hair mask. Warm up some Original SkinFood in your hands then run this through the ends of your hair. You can either leave it in for a couple of ours or sleep with it over night. 

Heel Balm - After your evening shower, lather Vegan SkinFood on to your feet (pay attention to your heals) then put on socks and leave on over night. You'll have baby soft feet in the morning! We swear by this!

Eye Serum -  Your SkinFood Serum can work as your "eye cream" also. Simply add an extra drop around each eye before bed. 


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The SkinFood Collection

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  • "I have the entire SkinFood set! I love the Serum for my face and i'll sometimes use the Original on my face for extra hydration and as a base to my make up. I use the Vegan SkinFood on super dry skin areas like my heals or dry, winter skin. I love that all the SkinFood products can be used on my kids too."



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