IN CAHOOTS: with Beck Howe, Co-owner, Passionate Skin Care.

If you're in the health industry, chances are you already know Beck. She's managed some of the top stores for Australia's largest health retail chain, she's been an accounts manager for one of Australia's most prominent health brands and now she is the co-owning boss lady of the fast growing Passionate Skin Care and the Eastern Suburbs health food store The Wholefoodie Co.

I got to know Beck back in 2015 when I moved from Wagga Wagga to Sydney, the big smoke!! What I love most about Beck is her infectious motivational energy. Spend 15 minutes chatting to her and you'll walk away feeling as though you could conquer the world. She carries this motivational energy wherever she goes and I believe this is one of the keys to her success.

This SkinFood story is a long one! One you'll probably need to dedicate an entire post to. Instead of getting into that story, tell us this, what's at the heart of Passionate Skin Care?

Honesty and openness. We are transparent in the way we conduct business, formulate new products and engage with SkinFoodies. Skinfoodies? Haha yep, SkinFoodies, the humans who trusted us when they chose to try SkinFood for the first time and then continued to support us once we delivered what we promised - results! As consumers we are now more sceptical than ever when choosing skin care products for ourselves and loved ones. It's a good thing! We need to be asking questions like "why is this chemical in my moisturiser? What are parabens?, Why is water the first ingredient?, Why does this cream make my face itchy?". Understandably, we have lost so much trust in products and brands that we once believed were healthy, or at least safe. It's frustrating, and well really, out of this frustration is where SkinFood was born. We want people to know exactly who we are and exactly what goes into their SkinFood. We are transparent with raw ingredients, suppliers, formulations.. everything! This is why we are successful.. people trust us and the results. SkinFood works!

I spoke about your motivational energy as a key to your success, do you believe this is true? What else has helped you along the way?

Success haha I guess it depends how you measure it. The biggest feeling of success I receive today is when a before and after photo appears in my inbox praising and thanking SkinFood for being the only product that has been effective on their child's eczema. Moments like that make me feel successful.

In terms of business success - you need to believe, and I mean really believe in what you are doing. Trust the universe but don't leave everything up to her. Trust that where you are right now is on the path to where you visualise yourself being in the future.


Any advice for anyone out there looking to start their own small business?

Yeh, stop looking to start your own business and start the damn thing. Procrastination is a killer. KNOW that your product is the best on the market. Use people - not in a shitty way, but listen to the advice of others who have already been where you want to go. Keep overheads low. The prettiest label isn't always the one that sells best. And aim high but don't be disheartened if you don't hit all your goals in the first year.. keep going!!

Tell us about your own skin care journey. Have you always had clear skin?

Growing up I had pretty bad skin, not terrible, but pretty bad. Through high school there wasn't a morning where I didn't wake up and check my skin for new pimples. To some degree it did effect my self esteem. Mum warned me that it was the sugar, I assured her it wasn't - how wrong I was!!! Did you cover up with make up? haha i'm the worlds worst make up artist. I tried in high school and even had my besties try to teach me but I quickly learnt that make up made it look worse and break out more and just stressed me out!! What products were you using back then? I cringe when I think about it. I used a super harsh cleanser and went to bed with the thickest layer of super market bought pimple cream. I've now learnt that less is more when it comes to skin care and that stripping your skin of all it's natural oils is the worst thing you can do. So what do you do now? 3 drops of SkinFood Serum morning and night as my facial moisturiser. I go between the Vegan SkinFood (winter, dry skin) and Original SkinFood (summer, sun/surf skin) for my body. Some nights i'll use Vegan SkinFood on the face if I need a hit of hydration. As a mask I use pure Bentonite Clay and I use a facial exfoliating cloth every now and again. I'm a sucker for a good dry body brush too!!

Other than SkinFood, what's your number one beauty tip.

It's all about what's going on inside! Poor quality skin is usually a reflection of some disturbance inside. I have a morning ritual which I swear by to kick start digestion and metabolism, well it really kick starts my entire day. Tell me!!

1tsp of Mock Red Hill Apple Cider Vinegar

Juice of half a lemon

1/4 tsp of MSM powder

1/2 tsp of Eden Health Foods Wild C

Then fill the rest of the cup up with water.. but not tap water!! Invest in a good quality water filter.

I'm also in love with Australian Harvest's Organic Horse Radish Vinegar. I take a 10ml shot every morning and my god does it get you going. It'll make your eyes water a tad but I swear it'll wake you up better than coffee.

Number one health tip?

Seriously, just be happy!! You could have a picture perfect diet and take all the right supplements and do all the right training bla bla bla but if you're miserable living like that then what's the point? I'm not saying to eat deep fried chicken and drink soda because as long as you're happy these foods are fine.. no, that's not the point! Use common sense and find balance. If you're boarder line black out rage attack because you're forcing yourself not to eat that vegan cacao coconut ice cream then fucking just eat it. If it's dairy milk and loaded with sugar than have the black out rage attack hahaha.

What's next for Passionate Skin Care? Where are you going with SkinFood? Will we see new products soon?

Ok so we do have a heap of new lines coming out soon. It's taking more time than we first anticipated but we refuse to cut corners on quality. If we can't make it 100% natural than it's not coming to market. This is where most of our energy has been lately. Experimentation and researching raw materials. It's a lot of fun!

We are also working on clear skin programs to offer our SkinFoodies just to help them on their journey to better health and clearer skin. We want to provide more knowledge and education not just incredible skin care products.

We also have the Health Food store in Coogee called The WholeFoodie Co.. we have huge plans for this space especially coming into summer.

Yeh then world domination, i'll see how I feel.

How can we keep up to date?

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